My New Majors: Italian and Art History

I’m using this blog to make a big announcement: I’m moving to Europe.

Well maybe not immediately, but I definitely feel inspired at this point in the trip. Last night, we were invited to the home of one of Dr. P’s friends here in Rome, a tour guide named Flaminia. Let’s just say, Flaminia has the coolest life ever. Throughout her life, she has bounced back and forth between Texas, where she attended Fort Worth Country Day and UT, and Rome. She knows just about everything about the places around here, as she works as a registered tour guide with an art history background. She earns her living showing Italy to anyone and everyone, from us commoners to celebrities. Basically, she’s a stud. And I want her life.

After hearing Flaminia talk to us, I was all but ready to change my majors to Italian and art history, spend a semester in Florence, then move to Europe after graduation. That doesn’t exactly fit with my life plan of studying political science, going to law school, and holding a steady job in the south, but I’m just about ready to give up that life plan in favor for the European option (which is saying something because I’m a huge planner). Everything here in Italy makes me excited, from the art to the Vatican to the history to even the gelato. I could easily spend days on end delving into everything from the David to Laocoon, from the Roman Forum and the Arch of Titus to the Colosseum, from the Sistine Chapel to the Ponte Vecchio Bridge. I would give all the comforts of America, like ice in drinks and free public restrooms, to be able to live somewhere like Rome or Florence.

At the beginning of this trip, I said I was filled with a sense of wanderlust, just dying to get out and travel the world. Now, after the majority of the trip is over, want to know the bad news? The feeling hasn’t been satisfied, it’s only gotten more intense. And I don’t think my desire to travel is going to lessen anytime soon. I keep pushing tonight and tomorrow out of my mind because the last thing I want is for this trip to end. Our last dinner together is going to be hard enough, but I cannot even begin to think about our family splitting up and going its separate ways tomorrow. This trip has taught me so much, not only about the cultures of these places and how to navigate them, but also about myself. In addition to gaining a whole new life plan, I know I’ve grown as a person in this past few weeks, especially in my relationships with these people around me. They really are wonderful, and it is because of them that I do not want to leave Europe tomorrow. They have forever made each place we visited special in my mind. So basically, moral of this story is there will have to be a CR5 reunion trip in order to give me something to look forward to. We haven’t even left yet, and I already want us to be back together again in Europe.