Munching in Munchen

After five awesome days in Berlin we have arrived in Munich. Munich is an entirely different experience than Berlin. If I had to explain it in easily comprehended terms, Berlin is Washington D.C. while Munich is Philadelphia.

Washington D.C. or Berlin in this instance was modern, immaculately clean, efficient and beautiful. Philadelphia/Munich is more cramped, a little scruffier and quirky. This is not to say that Munich is bad, because like Philadelphia, underneath a gruff exterior there is real, substantive soul. Berlin voted to modernize their city, and the end result is absolutely stupendous, but perhaps some of the ancient magic the city had is gone, along with the replaced cobblestones. Munich is classic, older. This city has seen all manner of things, from Olympic Shootings to the Glockenspiel, good and bad. This realness adds to the feeling of substance in the city, and just walking through the streets you know that this city has been around the block a few times.

Today my group saw two magical cathedrals, which for a Catholic was incredible, walked through the park, saw the clock strike on the hour and explored the market. We went to get Mexican food in the middle of Munich, and were floored by how good it is. The plate we polished off was LEGENDARY (wait for pics, hence the title). I can’t wait for what tomorrow will bring.

Finally, in regards to the tornadoes, appreciate your families and friends particularly today. Life is a blessing, not a right. Let them know you love them.

Following my own advice, I love you all and have a great day.