Das Pratergarten

So tonight we went to the legendary Pratergarten Biergarten, the oldest Biergarten in Berlin. Biergartens are an interesting place, basically a place to get ballpark food, like bratwursts, beer and potatoes. Because it is such an interesting I thought I would leave you all the history of the Pratergarten Biergarten.

In 1762, Johann Prater was a banker in the financial sector in Berlin. He was extremely successful and worked hard, and liked to enjoy a fine brew at the end of the day, especially in his garden. Once, when he and his friends were sitting around in his garden, fully torqued, they came up with the idea of opening up this awesome garden for the public. Johann thought it could be a profitable business venture. Think about it. Who doesn’t like enjoying a beer in the garden at the end of the day, with a great brat-Mrs. Prater’s specialty. So he opened up the Pratergarten, and it was frequented by the finest of Berlin’s society and was a great success. Today it prides itself on the dubious achievement of having over a million gallons of alcohol consumed on the premises.

Please note that none of the above history is true.

In all seriousness, the Biergarten was a beautiful place to enjoy a final dinner in Berlin, and it was great to see another Berlin institution, one which tasted a little bit better that Curry Wurst.