Plane rides and stuff

I have always loved plane rides. The inner child inside of me finds them exciting, and the rest of me (which is only about 10%) finds them relaxing.

As I am writing right now, I am currently listening to Frank Sinatra on this neat touch pad entertainment system in front of me. I’m also looking over my German vocabulary book to freshen up. It’s dark outside and everyone is asleep including my travel pal, Paytin- she currently has a blanket over her head. I also just rewatched Catch Me If You Can, one of my favorite movies. They even have The Office and Parks and Rec! By the way, have I mentioned that I’m missing the end-all-be-all finale of The Office for this trip? The struggle.

Leaving my parents was kind of rough. I feel like I just got home! Look at these two losers following me down the security window:


And this sweet thang didn’t want me to go:


Other exciting things that have happened: I’ve talked to a lot of old people, my backpack was searched for 30 minutes in London and they took my Vaseline, we checked in to a really HIP hostel, and three boys ate a pizza the size of the sun (or something close to that).


Berlin is great- now I’m writing from my bed after a long day/night of travel- it’s like a relaxed version of NYC. I haven’t had the chance to explore much yet (jet lag is real), but everything is so artsy and historical. There are memorials for everything.


This empty underground bookshelf was made to commemorate when the nazis burned books.





Ich bin sehr müde…guten Nacht