And so it begins

In about 2 hours, I’ll board my flight. Dr. Pitcock asked us to share what we feel as the trip is about to begin. Honestly, in these final moments I’m alternating between feelings of incredible anticipation and feelings of piercing stress. I dream of seeing Switzerland for the first time (I’ve wanted to visit ever since I was 9, when I read a book about the Swiss Alps). I can’t wait to walk the streets of Florence again. Even the prospect of visiting Germany sparks excitement (my only previous experience in the country being a stay in an acrid, hot airport during a layover).

However, in order to realize these amazing opportunities, I need to finish packing. I’ve packed for similar trips before (I once spent a month in the Peruvian Amazon), but it’s still nerve-racking for me to think of every little thing I ought to bring. If I want to relieve this worry, though, all I have to do is imagine the experiences that will begin in only a few short hours.

I’m beyond excited for the trip. Despite a general dislike of flying for extended periods of time, I’m looking forward to the flight because I plan to use the time to read up on Berlin (and sleep…). Once we land, the adventure really begins and the experiences we will share seem almost unimaginable. Until then, I’m going to finish packing…

Oh, and the title of this post is taken from the move “Fantastic Mr. Fox.” I mention this because the film is awesome and because on my first trip to Europe I quoted the movie incessantly—our trip oddly lent itself to quotes from the film (this may provide some hints about the misadventurous nature of that particular journey).